Are you planning to move to Australia?

I am a fully qualified registered MARA agent, MARN - 1460820 acting in compliance with the Code of Conduct and can assist you with any issues related to immigration to Australia.

My practice is based on individual honest and open approach, professionalism, reliability and knowledge. My competitive advantage is that unlike big companies I do not use any standard schemes and find a unique and creative solution for every individual case. Also I work on every case by myself from the initial consultation to the end and take the full responsibility for the outcome of every visa application.

Please send me your request by e-mail to and I will get back to you.
In most cases, an initial appraisal can be undertaken first, which is obligation and cost free. The purposes of an initial appraisal is to ascertain whether or not there is any prospects in proceeding with a more time intensive eligibility assessment. 
The detailed assessment with a written migration advice letter will be perfomed for the fee of US$150