Employment Temporary visas

Temporary work (skilled)(457) visa


There are 2 categories for Temporary work visas

Labour agreements: Work agreements, Regional migration agreements, Enterprise migration agreements


Standard business sponsorship - sponsorship by Australian or overseas business for employment in a skilled position in Australia

Temporary work visa application is a 3 step process:

step 1: sponsorship

•         Sponsor must provide attestation that sponsor is committed to employing local workers

•         lawfully operate business in Australia

•         meet defined training benchmark for training Australians


step 2: nomination

-          Labour market testing must be carried out

-          Job description should be provided

-          Occupation of nominee to be specified on CSOL

-          Nominee to have qualification and skills commensurate with job description

-          Nominee to be paid at least the ‘Market rate’ (at the moment AUD 53,500)


step 3: visa application

•         Applicant should meet all requirements for registration or licensing for the position

•         Information required

•         Personal documents, e.g. passports, birth/marriage certificates, degree/diploma, etc.

•         Resume (skills, qualifications and employment history)

•         IELTS test result with a score at least 5 overall with at least 4.5 in each component