Self-Sponsorship on a 457/186 visa

Self-Sponsorship on a 457/186 visa

You can start a business in Australia and self-sponsor yourself on 457 visa and build a pathway to a permanent visa subclass 186/187 visa

This option does not require any specified amount of investment and should be calculated on case-by-case basis.

Self-Sponsorship is a four stage process:

You can self-sponsor for a 457 (temporary) or 186 or 187 (permanent) visa.

There are a lot of rules and requirements to make that scheme work, but the main requirements are:

-          You must genuinely start a business operating in Australia

-          The business must be an entity: Company Trust, Incorporated Association, Cooperative but not sole trader)

-          You must have a business plan

-          The business must be designed to be filled with skilled workers

-           The business has a position matching your skills, which should be at the same time an occupation from CSOL or at least an ANZSCO skill level 3 (for businesses located in regional Australia only).

-           Business must be trading – you can`t just set up a shelf-company. You will have to show the actual business activity

This scheme is quite complex and should be carefully planned and performed by a qualified migration agent. We can help you with every step of the above process by applying current Australian Immigration law and planning the whole process from the business registration to obtaining a permanent visa.