Skilled visas - General Requirements

Skilled migration has always been and still is the highest priority  and the most popular migration stream in Australian immigration. About 40% of all the immigrants come to Australia under this stream.
1 of July 2012 the new skilled migration model was implemented, called Skilled Select
At the moment the following visa subclasses come under skilled migration:


Visa subclass

Skilled Indepenent


Skilled Nominated


Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional)


Skilled Graduate


Skilled Recognised Graduate


Skilled Regional



General requirements for Skilled visas:

-          The candidates should be under 50 years of age when they are invited to apply

-          The candidates should nominate a skilled occupation, which must be on Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Visa subclasses 189, 190 and 489 are subject to the points test.
Candidates get points for

-          Age

-          English proficiency

-          Overseas and Australian employment experience

-          Educational qualifications


You also get extra points for :

-          Australian study

-          Community language accredited at paraprofessional level for interpreting or translating by NAATI

-          Studying and living in Regional Australia

-          If you partner also meets the criteria such as age, English language proficiency and nominated occupation

-          State nomination

-          Sponsorship by territory or relative living in a Designated area

To apply all the candidates  have to meet the pass mark, which is currently 60 points.

A potential applicant for a points tested visa will have to submit the Expression of Interest  (EOI). Under Skilled Select there is a quota by occupation and the candidates with the highest point will be selected by computer system and will get invitations to apply .

 There is also a priority system within skilled migration : 1st priority visa subclass 489, then 190 and the last 189.